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New York City based Native American Storytellers Donna Couteau Cross (Sac and Fox)and Joe Cross (Caddo/Potawatomi): contemporary and historical storytelling, songs, traditional dance.

Leafarrow Storytellers Donna Couteau Cross and Joe Cross present an interactive show featuring coyote tales, creation stories and historic folklore filled with tribal family values. They are a married couple using story, song and dance to celebrate the special relationship the Native American people have always had with the Earth and their respect for the natural environment. They have brought their unique performances to the National Museum of American Indian Smithsonian,  United Nations International School, Philadelphia Museum of Art, Newark Public Library and Clearwater's Great Hudson River Revival.

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Donna and Joe are proud to be representing our New York community on Sept 21-26th, 2004 in the grand opening of NMAI's Washington, D.C. museum. They have been selected as 2 of 14 storytellers representing the Western Hemisphere.

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"Highly regarded North American storytelling and dance performances"

"Among the best we have ever featured"

"remarkable storytelling exudes considerable charm, drama and filled with life"

National Museum of American Indian Smithsonian

"Extremely professional, highest quality"

"Audience captivated and engrossed"

"A warm and genuine way of interacting with young children"

Philadelphia Museum of Art

"Delightfully entertaining as well as educational"

"Experience, talent, poise and delightful sense of humor!"

"By the end of the performance they had the whole audience out of their seats and joining in the dance circle"

American Museum of Natural History

Picture of Donna Couteau and Joe Cross

Contact   Donna & Joe Cross
(212) 279-0565

New York City

e-mail AmindianStories@earthlink.net
or LeafArrow@yahoo.com

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Leaf Arrow, 6th & Ave B


Springbird & Coyote Story

Eagle Bustle/Lower East Side

American Indian Flag Song after 9/11


Leafarrow, 6th & Ave B

American Indian Flag Song After 9/11

Southern Straight & Southern Cloth dance

Springbird & Coyote Story

Caddo Gift of Music

Southern Buckskin Dance

Northern Traditional Bustle Dance

Eagle Bustle/Lower East Side

Blanket Folding Ceremony at Lower Eastside Garden, NYC

Photos: Leafarrow 2000 & 2001 Copyright (C) Sally Young

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Actor's resume

Donna Couteau Cross

Joe Cross

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